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    Knockdown Texture is a drywall finishing style widely known as a “Spray Texture“. It had been growing in popularity, especially in track homes, due to the ease of application and the ability to hide imperfections in the wall or ceiling. Knockdown texture can be sprayed onto walls or ceilings, then “knocked down.”

    There are commonly three types of knockdown textures (by consistency), light knockdown, medium knockdown and heavy knockdown.

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    Knockdown Drywall Texture

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You may be visiting this page for a variety of reasons, such as considering knockdown texture to be applied in your home, re-texturing your home with knockdown or possibly attempting to determine your homes existing wall/ceiling texture, so here are some common Q’s and A’s.

  • Will a knockdown drywall texture hide imperfections in my wall and ceiling?
    If you are hiding imperfections, it would be recommended to spray a heavy knockdown texture.

    Are their different versions of a knockdown texture?
    The three most common versions or consistencies of knockdown texture are: light knockdown texture, medium knockdown texture and heavy knockdown texture.

  • What is the cost difference for knockdown texture?
    A knockdown texture is an affordable texture, the cost difference is difficult to say without knowing your project details.

    Can I texture knockdown over textured walls?
    Yes of course. There are different ways of achieving this such as sealing and spraying over the textured walls or floating walls which is recommended.